Paintings Up!

Paintings on display at Sotheby's Unlimited in Jamaica Plain 673 Centre Street now through March 2018.  Closing reception Thursday April 5th 6-8 pm.  Wine, Cheese, and pop up table of Jamaica Plain Maps, and cards.  T-shirts and tote bags will be buy one get one free!

20170313_101829 (2).jpg

Local projects!

So excited over 3 upcoming projects:

1.  Honest Weight Artisan Beer is interested in using some of my designs for a new beer bottle label!  How cool would that be?  

2. The Uber cool Dre Rawlings and I have been texting about creating some fun designs for the Lakehouse menus...or at least the little thing the waitress gives you your bill in....  Anything Dre wants me to do is a YES.

3. Jim Zacarra of Hope and Olive, has approached me about painting murals inside the bathrooms of MAGPIE (amazing pizza in Greenfield MA).  And like Dre, I will do anything for the Hope and Olive crew.